What Are Electronic Flea Traps?

What is an electronic flea trap? Many pet owners who are not used to deal with fleas will wonder about this type of treatment. Well, an electronic flea trap is an electronic device that is designed to lure fleas in and to trap them once they arrive.

How does an electronic flea trap work?

An electronic flea trap works by using a light that lure fleas into a trap that contains a sticky pad. The unit is plugged into a wall or any outlet and when the light comes on; fleas are drawn to its brightness.

electronic-flea-trapOnce the bugs come to the light they will unwittingly go inside of the trap to get closer to it.

Once they do their tiny and weak legs will not have enough strength to break free from the sticky surface pad that will hold them in place. We all know that a flea will die if cannot suck blood. Basically, the flea will just starve to death or be burnt up by the heat from the light. This is how a flea trap basically works.

FleatreatmentCenter: Flea Treatment and the Environment recommends clearing fleas out of an environment instead of focusing on a pet. Once a person gets rid of fleas from their environment; their pet will have less of them. Remember that if you see at least 5 fleas on your dog there are at least 100 of them wandering around within a dog’s living area.

If you can get rid of the 100 fleas that is living in your dog’s space; the other 5 that are on him will not be a problem at all. An electronic flea trap is a great device for removing fleas out of the environment. It is a non-toxic approach to getting rid of fleas and it is effective for long term flea removal.

What Causes Cramping In Early Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be worrisome when you do not know what to expect. Women who experience cramping become nervous if they do not know it is normal. A Pregnancypillowadvisor – maternity body pillows can help you feel better, and you can relax when you know these symptoms are not a sign of problems.

What Causes Cramping In Early Pregnancy?

Many women experience cramping at the beginning of their pregnancies. Known as implantation cramping, it occurs when the egg implants in the wall of the uterus. A small amount of bleeding may accompany this process.

maternity-body-pillowAs your body starts to change to accommodate your unborn child, cramping may be a sign that your bladder is full, or that you have developed a simple urinary tract infection. These issues can usually be resolved with frequent visits to the bathroom, and drinking fresh cranberry juice.

The ligaments in your body will stretch to accommodate your expanding uterus. The discomfort may not be noticeable until your fourth month of pregnancy, but it can occur much sooner.

These are the most common reasons for cramping in early pregnancy that are not cause for alarm. They are all perfectly normal and natural.

When You Should See A Doctor For Cramping In Early Pregnancy

We do not like to think about it, but miscarriages do occur. Most miscarriages happen during the first three months of pregnancy. If the cramping is very severe, or if it is accompanied by severe bleeding, do not wait for your next routine appointment. Contact your doctor immediately.

You Can Have Peace Of Mind When You Know The Facts

Knowing what is normal and what is not can give you peace of mind and confidence. You can tolerate minor cramping without a great deal of difficulty. You will not be alarmed over minor cramping that is a normal part of early pregnancy. You will also know when cramping is abnormal, so you can see your doctor and prevent unnecessary complications.

Your pregnancy can be an exciting experience when you know what to expect. Instead of worrying, you can spend your time planning for life with your new baby.